Giving is not just about making donation. It is about making difference

Sharing is Precious Deepawali celebrated with great fervor - spreading happiness with fellow citizens. Prayatna students have made a very special fund for deprived fellow children who are less privileged and not been able to celebrate Diwali like others. Students realized this and they came forward with a great idea of forming Child welfare fund and started collection money, clothes and daily usage things. Whatever they have collected till Diwali they had distributed all the stuff to nearby slums. Prayatna team also distributed copies, colours and pens for the children along with clothes and Diwali materials. No such other wonderful ways are there to celebrate a festival in such a great manner. Students loved the concept of sharing with others is the right way of living. Smile that appeared on their faces is worth every single effort. Through this small contribution, we did not only distribute materials but also joy and love, amongst those who are not able to enjoy that privilege, a
Prayatna NGO has put up initiative to keep students aware about science and to teach them how to apply practicality to scientific processes. Prayatna has started STG ( Science and technology ) Classes to keep children updated about science models and helps them understand workings concerned with these models. This project gives insight around the working of LPG Leakage Detector. Prayatna's Science and Technology Classes It shows how sensor helps in detecting significant changes in temperature and humidity of surroundings and indications of Green and Red light . How the buzzer inserted in this project helps in spreading awareness about leakage of LPG is the major motive behind this model. In a modern and innovative society, where advancements are plentiful  and  communication is instantaneous, science and technology are a part of everyday life  

Prayatna’s Children new initiative is to collect funds for those families who cannot afford Diwali celebrations

  How often have we heard, ‘Diwali is festival of lights? But ever wondered about families who don’t have enough money to lighten up their houses, wear new clothes or buy sweets? Prayatna’s children new initiative is to collect funds for those families who cannot afford Diwali celebrations. We wish every individual to celebrate Diwali as beautifully, irrespective of financial status. So, we are raising funds to help underprivileged people light up their homes brighter and would love it if you become part of this divine cause. Even your smallest contribution would bring thousand smiles. Donations could be made using UPI, Paytm, or via any money transactions. Payment Number: 9205520905 For further inquiries, head up to phone no. 9205520905. Let’s spread happiness this Diwali! Every donation matters !

Utthaan – Out to Learn

                                         A Govt. School Project     “ Calibre Enhancement Program for the needs of digital age ” Brief description: Prayatna extended its concept of learning Like Skills for better future prospects in Govt. School premises in off hours in form of “UTTHAAN” concept when school space is vacant and children can come and join two special programs that majorly focus on development of professional skills as career skills for the students of classes 9 th to 12 th .   It also covers various aspects of Career Choices, Planning and providing sustainable Counseling in another part. Calibre Enhancement program (CEP): It is designed to improve two important career oriented skills: ·          Logical , analytical ability and ·          Verbal ability Program is planned for rigorous efforts through instructor led classroom practice sessions. Generally, students of government school lack in both the skills. Logical development is important not


                 “Primary Education Program on Value based Skills”              Program is designed for standards 1 st to 5 th (age 6 till 10 years)   Based on Indian traditional education principles with modern values Aiming for Character Education that promotes Moral Development. Follow simple curriculum of Integration of “Moral Virtues” with Academics Daily Spiritual Prayers with Yogic Exercises for developing Mental Abilities & pursuing Divine Consciousness “ Book-Reading,   Story-telling & Quiz based Arts Classes ” are the daily routine to improve Linguistic, Literary & Verbal Abilities Special “ Sunday Diary ” Activity – 5 Hour long activity based program followed by Collective Lunch to harness Togetherness  


                   (Activity based Learning Program on Developing Life Skills)                    Brief description: " Natyashala " is a theatre wing of “Prayatna School of Excellence” NGO and the idea behind of it is inculcating values and developing personality traits among children of age group of 10 to 16 through the plays, Story-telling and other artistic and literary activities. It also promotes theatre activities for acting aspirants. " " Natyashala " is intended for Govt. school students who are enrolled in Prayatna. Most of the students enrolled in " Natyashala " are from migrant families from urban rural areas of Gurgaon. Since 2009 many plays have been played by the children. Street plays are also an integral part of NatyaShala and following is the list of the most successful plays in recent times. Major projects: ·          The Heroes of Panipat – year 2019 (most successful so far) ·          Bada Aadmi


                                                                     Student Empowerment & Leadership Program                    “It is life skills based program where students indulged in various   real life problems,      go through with experimental learning and   learn to solve them in collaborative model”      à   To develop a sense of Ownership    à   To develop a sense of Responsibility    à   To develop a sense of Leadership    à   To develop a sense of Team Spirit    à   To develop a sense of to be Empowered    à   To develop a sense of Democratic values in life         Students form a “Cabinet of Ministers” to run operations in a democratic way, where       “Students are elected for a time span to perform a designated role where they are     free to take initiatives, make decisions, planning, do mistakes and learn from them,   in case expectations are not fulfilled then their rights are revoked by “Right to Recall”